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Inspiring, connecting, and elevating one another

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Building a community

of dreamers and doers

We’re providing a space for aspiring or experienced artists of all disciplines and curious minds who want to explore their creative side.

Come for community collaboration or to work on individual projects.

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Creative connection

Our goal is to foster an environment where people can come together to learn from one another, collaborate on projects, and form lasting connections.

We’re offering a space for...

  • hosting workshops and skill shares
  • recording music and video
  • small performances
  • casual coffee/tea and conversation
  • exploring your own art in a peaceful, inspiring environment

...and more! We’re always open to new ideas and want this to be a fluid space.

The space

Our 7-acre property is 30 minutes from Buffalo, NY

  • Surrounded by woods and a creek
  • A large, warm, and inviting open-concept log cabin that sleeps 10
  • 40’x30’ pole barn ideal for larger projects

We believe in the tall poppies

It can be difficult to find supportive places to create and share with others. Many aspiring and experienced artists alike encounter doubt, feeling like an imposter, or the “tall poppy syndrome” of being criticized for attempting to stand out and achieve.

But when we water our creative seeds and encourage each other’s ideas, something more inspiring blooms that shows us that success and personal fulfillment are not finite resources to compete over, but available to all of us.

Tall Poppy Creative Collective

Join us and let’s make magic happen!

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